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χωρίς να υποστηρίζετε μορφές κρατικής υπόστασης είτε λέγεται ομοσπονδία είτε ότιδήποτε άλλο

"Cyprus desires to have a trilingual IndyMedia Web page where by men and women can publish freely and brazenly during the Hellenic, Turkish and English languages - inside the form of Open Publishing that IndyMedia continues to be noted for within the politicized radical and substitute Neighborhood due to the fact the beginning of the 10 years. We are very upset and disrupted with The point that Open Publishing is impossible at the moment..."

This strategy for just a racist Apartheid routine for Cyprus is not only An important injustice, but will also a recipe for permanent war within our area, which will become a boon to world-wide Money plus the authoritarian States that control the world. In conjunction with many other radicals and progressive people we are immersed from the battle towards all this, and we have been devoted to a battle for liberating and re-uniting our country within an setting exactly where the two key ethnic communities, the Turkish Cypriots and Hellene Cypriots, can Are living re-united together once again in peace, equality and justice, free from navy occupations.

Ρε Ευδοκα, πως μπορει να ειναι Ανοικτη μια συνελευση, οταν εσυ δινεις προσκλησεις; Μεν την λαλεις Ανοιχτη. Λαλε την Ενδο~ανοικτη.

Έ'τους, με τις φωνασκίες και τις εγωιστικές τους μπαρούφες, σιγά σιγά εβκάλαν την αλήθεια στην επιφάνεια.

με ποιο τρόπο θα βρεθούν αυτοί οι θεσμοί και λειτουργίες;

A different short here article cited by our accusers to "demonstrate" which the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective supposedly "supports and idenfities Along with the nationalists about deportation of immigrants" Is that this one particular:

Cyprus can be a small island state in the Japanese Mediterranean, invaded and occupied because of the vastly excellent armed forces forces of Turkey armed with US weapons, by which they've enforced genocide and ethnic cleaning on us, leading to fifty percent the inhabitants to be displaced refugees.

οπότε κακώς ταυτίζονται με άλλες εποχές και άλλες καταστάσεις τις οποίες εν πάση περιτώσει εγώ αγνοώ

ακριβώς όπως κάνουν πχ και οι φάλιες που από την μια δηλώνουν τάχα αντικρατιστές αντικαπιταλιστές και από την άλλη εκφέρουν λόγο μέσα στα στενά στεγανά του συστήματος αυτού έχοντας το μάλιστα ως πανάκεια

An additional one of many accusations is usually that we supposedly printed "info on the non-public life of a woman comrade, deeply violating her privateness." The person in issue is a public figure that is politically Lively throughout the context of funding within the US Condition Section and US Assist. The data we published is by now public expertise which she herself has made community as a result of her conduct, and also the news has become buzzing for many yrs now as "juicy gossip" in every cafe and political gathering.

Instantly we acquired attacks from each the fake "remaining" (the stalinist establishment and its brokers and appendages in the progressive Neighborhood) and from extrajudicial (illegal) quarters aligned with the proper-wing Imperialist powers.

δεν ξέρω ποιος είσαι ουζάλα αλλά δυστυχώς το επίπεδο του "πολιτκού" σου λόγου έχει πιάσει πάτο

The most recent and most fast danger that Cyprus faces now would be that the global Imperialist powers, together with the invading energy (Turkey) and Along with the blessings with the bogus "left" ruling course of Cyprus, have decided to declare the profession and ethnic cleansing as "lawful", and develop a "closing solution" towards the Cyprus conflict in the shape of an Apartheid Point out.

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